The MLB off season has been dominated so much by scandal, it is hard to even remember it is already Spring training in the midst of it all.

The 2019 season had so much excitement and in many ways was meshed with an unpredictability that was reflected in its champion, the Washington Nationals. The team from the capital had a +2100 chance to win the title at the beginning of the season, going to +5500 by mid-season. One thing that was always sure, however, was that any team that made it to the World Series will have to go through the Astros. Houston looked like it had the stuff of repeat champions and rode the favorite horse all the way to the postseason. The team would go on to lose in a seven-game thriller to the Nationals, but it is losing their credibility and respect in the world of professional sports that hit the Astros even harder. In one of the most remarkable scandals in baseball history, the Houston Astros, as revealed by former pitcher, Mike Fiers had à system in place to steal signs of opposing teams throughout the 2017 and 2018 season, during their championship run. General manager, Luhnow and field manager, A. J Hinch, were fired, players apologised and the team fined $5 million, including being stripped of their draft picks but most feel stripping their world series title would have been the perfect ending to their humiliation. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost to Houston in that 2017 World Series feel they deserve the title especially after losing again in 2018 and in the eyes of many are the “people’s champ”.

As much as the Astros and their dirt clouded the MLB off-season, there was much to electrify fans throughout the season, setting up an exciting and highly-anticipated 2020. Firstly, Mets rookie, Pete Alonso, who took the league by storm, breaking almost every rookie record he could lay a bat on. He equalled and then broke rookie home run records for both the National League and Major League, ending the season with 53. Philadelphia gave Bryce Harper a bank in the name of a contract and he looked good for it when he hit two major milestones in the same at-bat against the Atlanta Braves, but personal success would not translate into team, and he will probably rue leaving the Nationals (they needed up champions). The Dodgers once again had themselves a season, carried by a stellar Cody Bellinger who broke and set the RBI record previously held by Juan Gonzalez and Mark McGwire.

As Spring training continues, with the 162(game season set to begin in March 26, the Astros are once again favorites to reach the World Series, opening at 5/1 on FanDuel, followed by the Dodgers and Yankees at 6/1. Champions, Nationals are sixth with +1400 odds, but then again would you dare count them or any underdog out for what is sure to be an entertaining 2020 season? We certainly will not. It’s redemption season for many teams led by the Astros and expectation, especially for the Dodgers, Braves and believe it or not, the New York Mets. That should make Spike Lee happy.

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